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February 19th to May 19th in New York City

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About me

Belinda Filippelli

I love digital, social & inbound marketing, and I love travelling.

After 18 years abroad in 5 countries, and 7 years of building a network of GoViral service providers in Europe, I’m coming back to my native NYC home to share what I’ve learned.

Let me show you how to gain a competitive advantage by working with digital agencies abroad.

Fulfill you and your customers'
digital desires


Whatever you need to reach your clients, we can help you build. From simple to complex websites, e-commerce platforms and mobile applications, we can get you onboard the hottest digital trends.


Performance-based brand love marketing starts with analyzing your buyers' journey and creating a strategic and integrated campaign to build traffic and increase sales.


We create the content you need to attract the right audience. This includes advertisements, social media posts, blog posts, and other advertising and inbound content.

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90 meetings in 90 days

I’m only here till May 19th and my schedule is filling up fast. I’ve committed myself to 90 meetings, 90 hours of free consulting and then I’m gone. So contact me today!


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Belinda Filippelli